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SportsPro Live 2019, the sixth edition of our flagship event, will be the biggest, most ambitious to date. With an extended agenda including five forums focused on the future and impact of technology in sports business.

This year, we’ve enhanced the format to make our conference the principle place to discover the latest trends and will once again drill down into the most disruptive topics transforming the industry today, spanning finance, artificial intelligence, esports, digital transformation and broadcasting.

Over the two days of content, you’ll access all five forums and have the opportunity to network with all delegates over two days of cutting edge presentations. Some of the biggest companies in technology, from start-ups who aim to embrace or engender disruption, to sporting bodies who are reacting to the fundamental challenges that disruption brings about will share their insights and case studies.

The Finance Forum will look at what investment is driving tech growth, how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can change the sports industry, where are new technologies being applied to drive product adoption and accelerate growth and more.

The Artificial Intelligence Forum will address how Machine Learning is revolutionising sports video production, ways to use data, predictions and analytics to attract viewership and maximise fan engagement, how Artificial Intelligence is changing the future of sports marketing, how to attract and engage tech-savvy sports fans today and more.

Addressing the key issues in esports, including, how can rights holders embrace esports in a way that’s credible and mutually beneficial, what types of formats will extend the viewership and improve the experience for the esports fanbase, what does the esports model tell us about how to reach fans on digital platforms and more.

The Digital Transformation forum will look at how to leverage data and insight for digital growth, how can sports properties embrace technological innovation and new forms of media to keep its audience engaged, how can different sports build a world-class fan experience and more.

The key topics in broadcasting are what will the smart, successful OTT services of the future look like, how has the growth of streaming services impacted the international market, what are the opportunities and challenges for traditional broadcasters investing in OTT and more.

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