Event focus for 2024

What does success mean in the ever-evolving sports industry?

In the ever-evolving sports industry, financial success is undoubtedly crucial, as it serves as the lifeblood of any business. However, in an industry that thrives on emotion and engagement, there is much more at stake than just money.

SportsPro Live delves into the realm of success, exploring three key pillars:

The Commercial Economy: Discover how organisations source, generate and distribute their finances to thrive.

The Attention Economy: Learn how to effectively grow and engage your audience and fans, creating lasting connections.

The Impact Economy: Leave a positive and responsible footprint by embracing environmentally and socially conscious practices.

The Commercial Economy

  • The disruption of media rights
  • Direct-to-consumer (D2C)
  • Changes to the sponsorship industry
  • Geopolitical & institutional investment
  • The rise of women’s sports
  • Internationalisation

The Attention Economy

  • Audience consumption trends
  • Generation Z & influencer-led sports
  • Athlete marketability
  • Personalisation & gamification
  • AI, VR & AR
  • Original content

The Impact Economy

  • Purpose-driven partnerships
  • Environmental sustainability
  • The future of major events
  • Diversity, equality & inclusion
  • Gambling & betting
  • Changing role of the athlete
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Michael Cole, Chief Technology Officer, European Tour & Ryder Cup Europe

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