Key Pillars

Leading the conversation with experts from across the sports ecosystem, the agenda for SportsPro Live 2021 has been curated with 6 key pillars in mind: Digital Transformation, Data, Future Tech, Broadcast, Sponsorship & Marketing, and Sustainability. Ultimately each pillar will explore what the sports industry can do to make better business decisions through innovative approaches, adoption of technology, and the disruption of traditional models.

Digital Transformation

The necessity for technology throughout 2020 has redefined how organisations value their digital offering. From redefining the fan experience, and generating new revenue streams to employee buy-in and upskilling your fans, gain first hand insights from the technology experts from Real Madrid, European Tour and MLSE.


With an abundance of data at our fingertips the main question is how to use it effectively. With smaller budgets, execution of data can be challenging. Hear from those who have faced data challenges as they dig deep into their approach, how they utilised existing resources to make meaningful changes and more.

Future Tech

The industry is full of innovative solutions and bright ideas, however knowing how they will solve your niche problems is often a challenge.

SportsPro Live - 6 key topics


With the pause in Live Sports in 2020, organisations are looking to future proof their strategies. From the rise in original content production to enhanced technology redefining the live sports experience. You’ll hear from the industry trailblazers across strategy, media rights, and production innovation.

Sponsorship & Marketing

Quantifying value to finding the winning partnership, are just some of the common challenges highlighted. Thought leaders from the likes of Visa, and WHOOP will explore the steps they took to securing record-breaking partnerships. In their case studies, they share how to add value to the fans through partnerships.


A topic on everyone’s agenda, however one that many struggle to make a permanent feature. New for 2021 SportsPro has introduced a Hackathon, inviting the leading universities and colleges to submit a team of their top students to create a solution to drive social, financial, or environmental sustainability. The winning team will present their innovative solution on stage at SportsPro Live, this is your opportunity to gain a new perspective on a challenging topic.